Globe Newswire: Chester Community Charter School CEO Honored by the City of Chester

Globe Newswire: Chester Community Charter School CEO Honored by the City of Chester

Chester, Pennsylvania, Dec. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. David Clark, CEO of Chester Community Charter School (CCCS), was honored at a ceremony by the City of Chester for his generous contributions and dedication to the city on Wednesday, November 22. The Mayor of Chester, Thaddeus Kirkland, presented Dr. Clark with the award along with members of the Chester City Council.

Dr. Clark become the CEO of CCCS in 2011. Prior to his appointment, he served as the school’s Deputy Superintendent, as well as Director of Special Education Services, in that role he developed and implemented the Team Approach to Achieving Academic Success (TAAAS) program that utilizes a team approach to assessing and assisting students facing unique academic and behavioral challenges. The TAAAS program has been a hallmark success at CCCS by implementing a highly effective method of intervention that links the work of teachers across a broad spectrum of disciplines. At the request of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Dr. Clark also serves as a special education peer monitor, responsible for auditing special education programs in Pennsylvania charter schools.

“This award, as the CCCS children would say, is ‘everything’ and humbly appreciated,” said Dr. Clark. “It sends the message to our community that we rise by lifting up others. As educators it’s paramount to teach children to think, however, it is just as important when we learn that children give because it provides an intrinsic reward that’s more valuable than the gift. Happiness is a gift that you can give, and it comes right back to you.”

About Chester Community Charter School

Chester Community Charter School opened its doors on September 9, 1998, serving 97 students from its modest, four, meeting rooms, in the lobby of the Howard Johnson Hotel, in Chester, PA. Since that time, the school has steadily grown to include more than 4,200 students in 12 state-of-the-art-buildings, spanning four campuses. Through collaboration with the Gureghian Charitable Foundation, and CCCS' High School Search and Selection Program, more than $9.5 million in scholarships and financial assistance to prestigious private secondary schools has been awarded to 350 of the school's graduates, since 2016.

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