CCCS Statement on Bus Accident

CCCS Statement on Bus Accident


MARCH 3, 2018

A school bus transporting 45 Philadelphia-based students of Chester Community Charter School(CCCS) back to the city of Philadelphia was struck by a passenger car on Route 291 and Kerlin Street, in Chester, PA, at about 1:30 pm, yesterday.

According to initial reports, there were no major injuries to the students, or to the driver. Fifteen students, however, all walking under their own power, chose to be taken, by arriving ambulances, for routine medical exams at three nearby hospitals: Taylor, Riddle and Crozer-Chester.

After being notified of the accident, CCCS administrators immediately contacted the parents of the students to advise them of the circumstances and to let them know where their children could be reached, if they had opted to have a medical examination.

The students who did not visit the hospitals were met at the accident scene by a replacement school bus, which resumed the original bus route and dropped the students off at their respective Philadelphia destinations.