Oratorical Contest

Oratorical Contest

The Oratorical Contest is an exciting event that commemorates the oral tradition of our ancestors who were great writers, authors, and orators that helped change the world. The Oratorical Contest is intended to highlight the talents, skills, and gifts of our scholars. The Oratorical Contest will be the final event of our Black History Month celebrations.

During this event, our scholars will showcase their oratorical abilities through recitation of group speeches, memoirs, poems, and spoken word. There are three (3) selection levels to the Oratorical Contest: in class preliminaries, grade group semi-finals, and the all-school finals.

Contestants - All classes were scored using a rubric. The top (3) classes from each grade moved on to compete in the Finals on 2/28/18.


Title of Essays

Ms. Caffrey

Mae C. Jemison by Dina Anastasio

Ms. Bickel

African Child by Eku McGred

Ms. Macleod

His Dream Lives On by Unknown

Mrs. Hayes

Kathy Johnson by Unknown

Ms. Marusco

I, Too by Langston Hughes

Mrs. McHugh

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me by Maya Angelou

Ms. Taylor

Jackie Changes the Game by Unknown

Mrs. Monck

Equality by Maya Angelou  by Unknown

Mr. Harrison

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

First Grade, TAAS, Life Skills, and Autistic Support

Title of Essays

Ms. Hummel

Harlem Hopscotch by Maya Angelou

Ms. Allbritain

My People by Langston Hughes

Ms. Connor

Freedom, Freedom by Unknown

Ms. Osborne

Harriet Tubman by Eloise Greenfield

Ms. Buckley

Martin Luther King Jr. by Unknown

Mrs. Cunningham

America’s Greatest Farmer by Unknown

Ms. McGinty

Ruby Showed the Way by Carol Oaks

Mrs. Lawrence

Go to the Back Rosa Parks by Unknown

Ms. Kilpatrick

Shirley Chisholm Knew by Theresa Gaughan

Ms. Goerlach

Hey Black Child By Countee Cullen

Age Groups – Kindergarten, 1st Grade, TAAAS (Grades 1-2), Autistic Support (Grades 1-3) and Life Skills (Grades 1- 3)

Panel of judges, etc.

Ms. Stephanie Wright

Dr. Kwame Williams

Dr. David Clark

Dr. Linda Portlock

Dr. Benita Jessup

Ms. Annette Ray