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Chester Community Charter School

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Chester Community Charter School (CCCS) proudly serves students in grades K-8 on four campuses in nine school buildings in the Chester-Upland community. More than 4,000 students — two-thirds of the district — call CCCS their school.

CCCS is dedicated to empowering students as learners through the development of a results-driven academic environment, which includes a partnership with parents, a focus on building life skills, and a commitment to cultivating children’s instinctive quest for knowledge.

By the time our students graduate from 8th grade, they will have acquired a solid foundation to be self-sufficient learners for the rest of their lives. They will have the ability to communicate confidently in the digital world and will be proficient in reading, mathematics, science, and technology, as defined by state standards.

CCCS, like all charter schools, is a public school. Charter schools rely almost entirely on public funding under the Charter School Law. They are funded at a lower level than the traditional public schools in the same districts yet must meet state education standards. Charters provide parents with options as to where they send their children to school. The thousands of parents who have chosen CCCS over the years stand as testament to the quality of our education programs, the commitment of our staff and teachers, and our pioneering approach to meeting the unique education challenges presented by communities that have been educationally underserved.