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Chester Community Charter School

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About the Teachers

At Chester Community Charter School, our teachers make all the difference in the education of our students.

We believe we have the most dedicated, hardworking, committed, competent, and compassionate teachers in the field of education.

Recruiting of our teachers is taken very seriously. Because of the rapid growth of Chester Community Charter School from merely 100 students in 1997 to well over 4,000 students spread out over three state-of-the-art buildings, each year we have expanded the number of teachers who contribute to the remarkable success of our school. Recruiting efforts begin in early spring so our professional staff can, cohesively and synergistically, begin to implement the school’s mission.

Our staff is trained to notice learning differences early on so students can get the help they need right away. Grade directors, senior-level teachers with years of experience, provide guidance and knowledge to their respective grade teachers in an effort to enhance teacher outcomes and student performance. Professional development is on-going at CCCS. We work hard to make sure our teachers are on the cutting edge of technology and are aware of new or changing teaching pedagogies so our students can benefit from new research and educational tools.

Our staff arrives at school each morning eager to teach their students. Their smiles and warm hearts are reminders to us that even the smallest of gestures can make a big difference in the lives of a student. Extra words of encouragement, a pat on the back, staying late, or coming in early to assist a student, volunteering to start a new program, attending sporting events, providing guidance to help with life lessons, encouraging extracurricular activities, etc. are just a few examples of what our teachers do to enhance the lives of our students. From the time our teachers become members of the CCCS family, they are 100% focused on making a difference in the lives of our children and the community in which they live.

 What teachers have said about their CCCS experience:

As an educator, it is my goal to challenge my students to embrace our classroom learning experiences and take them to the next level. A curriculum steeped in higher-order thinking activities and project-based research helps me meet my goal and ensures the success of my students.  At Chester Community Charter School, I have the privilege of working with like-minded administration and faculty. Through our professional development program, I have been given the opportunity to train in the latest pedagogical and technological advances. Our administration provides a varied curriculum and allows for independent implementation of its goals. The trust and professionalism allotted me by our administration is empowering. My colleagues also provide for a proportion of my success. Teamwork in developing all aspects of our curriculum is encouraged. It is through the collaboration of administration and faculty that we are able to meet the standard of our motto: Empowering Students As Learners.
Linda Hannold

Teaching at Chester Community Charter School is an opportunity to see students follow their dreams. It is a gift to teach students who are hungry for knowledge and realize that knowledge is a powerful tool.  The students exhibit confidence when they achieve a higher level of thinking. The excitement lights up their eyes. There is no better feeling than knowing I helped a child succeed through mentoring and encouragement. They bring joy to my heart and put a smile on my face.
I am only one in the community of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers at CCCS whose goal it is to provide all students with a great education. CCCS parents should be proud of their children and I appreciate the opportunity to work with them.
Eleanor Adam

I have been working as a kindergarten teacher at Chester Community Charter School for nine and a half years. What I love most are the amazing students who I get to teach on a daily basis. I love watching them learn and grow. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing families; some of which have had as many as four children go through kindergarten with me! It’s great getting to know the families in this community so well and to see their children grow over the years. My first group of kindergarten students are about to graduate eighth grade and some of them still come back to visit me! I also get to work with some fabulous colleagues. Some of us have been together the entire length of time that I have been working here. Working with such a great team of people makes it enjoyable to come to work every day. We all support and encourage each other and share ideas to enhance our classrooms and to grow professionally. I appreciate all of the things that I have learned while working here at CCCS and I value the work experience and life experience that it has given me. Working here has given me the opportunity to grow as an educator and I value that experience as well as all of the great families I have met, the amazing students I have gotten to teach and the life-long friendships that I have formed.
Lauren Michetti

My name is Ann McCullough. I have been teaching third grade at Chester Community Charter School for the past 8 years.  Each morning I wake up excited to see what wondrous adventures we will lead each other on.  I wonder if today is the day they will make the connections I have been teaching them all year!  I feel excited to share my findings with my co-workers who I also call my friends.  During my 8 years I was given the opportunity to expand my responsibilities by becoming the third grade supervisor.  This enabled me to work even more closely with other teachers and administrators.  To me, Chester Community Charter School has been my home away from home.  It is a special place where teachers and learners can connect on a higher level; it is a place where teamwork and hard work is valued.  I could not imagine working anywhere else!
Ann McCullough

I have worked for Chester Community Charter School for 7 years, and each year is more rewarding than the last! Chester Community Charter School is more than a school or a place of employment for its students and staff. The atmosphere here at CCCS is that of a FAMILY! I personally love and enjoy working with and watching the students grow into their own greatness! My years here at CCCS have been nothing less than joyous and rewarding!
Rushelle Diggs