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Dr. David Clark

Dr. David E. Clark, Jr.

In 2011, the Board of Trustees of Chester Community Charter School selected Dr. David E. Clark Jr. to serve as the school’s Chief Executive Officer.  Prior to becoming CEO, Dr. Clark served as the school’s Deputy Superintendent responsible for Student Support Services and as the School’s Director of Special Education Services. Dr. Clark began his career as a social worker in Delaware. He later transitioned into the field of education as a special education teacher in the Brandywine School District. In addition to his teaching experience, Dr. Clark has served as an Assistant Principal, a Principal, and CEO of another charter school. He has been an educator for over 27 years.

As Director of Special Education Services for CCCS, Dr. Clark developed and implemented the Team Approach to Achieving Academic Success (TAAAS) program which utilizes a team approach to assessing and assisting students facing unique academic and behavioral challenges.  The TAAAS program has been a hallmark success at CCCS by implementing a highly effective method of intervention that links the work of teachers across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Dr. Clark attended the University of Delaware and Antioch University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Services. He obtained his Masters Degree in Instruction with a focus on special education and his Doctorate in Educational Innovation and Leadership from the University of Delaware.  At the request of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Dr. Clark serves as a special education peer monitor responsible for auditing special education programs in Pennsylvania charter schools.