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Chester Community Charter School

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The Enrichment Education Program challenges students to become self-directed, lifelong learners through a diverse and flexible curriculum.

 It is designed to assist the most academically prepared students to learn at an accelerated pace. Students work in peer groups with other gifted students, which improves the overall quality of their learning. The program is a collaborative effort involving parents, administration, and classroom and special area teachers. A wide variety of enrichment resources - such as theme-based research labs, classroom libraries, science labs, math software, manipulatives, laptop computers, and Nooks - are available to the students.

Gifted and talented students are those who have demonstrated outstanding abilities, are capable of high performance, and who require differentiated educational programs, beyond those normally provided by regular school programs, in order to realize their potential. Participating students are selected based on their academic performance and test results, as well as their leadership skills and intellectual curiosity. CCCS has enrolled approximately 330 students in the program per year.

An important goal of the CCCS Enrichment Education Program is to prepare the students to be accepted for study at the most challenging and prestigious high schools in the Delaware Valley.