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Chester Community Charter School

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Welcome to Upland Campus
Knowledge Hall (Grades K-5)

11th & Main Street
Upland, PA 19015

Eric Sotsky - Interim Principal, Upland Campus

Mr. Sotsky has been with Chester Community Charter School Since the 2007-2008 school  year. He began his time at CCCS as Kindergarten Teacher on the East Campus, before moving to 2nd grade as a teacher at the Upland Campus when it first opened. After several more years teaching, he transitioned to a Literacy Coach, serving grades K-5 on the East, West, and Upland campuses. Over the years, Mr. Sotsky has served CCCS on many different curriculum teams and committees, helping to shape the school into a better place for students and staff alike.

Mr. Sotsky strongly believes that relationship building is essential to have a successful school, and he works hard to forge those with students, parents, and staff. He believes by developing those positive relationships, scholars will be able to reach new heights.