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A Star is Crowned: CCCS Middle Schooler, Hassin
Joseph, was awarded a National Championship Medal
at the USA Boxing Championships last month

The 2022 USA Boxing National Championships were held in December in Lubbock Texas. The week-long event featured over 800 total bouts and crowned National Champions in the Bantam, Intermediate, Junior, Youth and Elite divisions.  Hassin Joseph, an 8th grader at Achievement Hall (Aston Campus) and a rising star in the sport, was awarded a USA Boxing National Championship medal for the Intermediate division. 
Hassin’s journey began when he was just 6 years old. After the passing of his father, Hassin started boxing to pay homage to his father’s love of the sport.   A. Joseph, Hassin’s mother, realized his passion for Boxing when he was still a young child.  “I can remember he wanted to spend his 8th birthday at the gym. He didn’t care about having a typical party like most kids his age. He wanted to spar. He has consistently ranked in the top ten of his division ever since.” 
Hassin has always been the smallest of the group, but he never allowed that to deter him. Despite his small stature, Hassin has been fearless in the ring, earning him the nickname Pocket Rocket. Despite the many obstacles the Josephs have overcome, Hassin has maintained his focus. Thanks in part to the supportive staff at CCCS and the TAAAS program, he has blossomed into a well-rounded student and young man.
Hassin’s mother has expressed her appreciation of CCCS support.  “Boxing has gifted my son with endless opportunities to travel across the country and make so many friends. We’ve visited Texas, Missouri, Ohio, and the list goes on. CCCS has assisted him every step of the way; sending his school work home and providing virtual learning when he’s out of town.”  
Last year was pivotal for Hassin’s boxing career. He became a more established boxer by training with pro-athletes, working out extensively, and maintaining an impressive ranking. Hassin currently trains daily and follows a lean nutritional diet. A typical meal includes healthy options such as fruits, vegetables, grilled chicken, and salmon. Determined to create his own path to become legendary, Hassin plans to enter the Olympics after graduating from high school. 
Asked about his boxing role models, Hassin names Shakur Stevenson for his accuracy and sharpness. He also notes that he is a fan of Gervonta Davis, he’s a powerful fighter. When asked to name an important characteristic of great boxers, Hassin responded, “You have to remain disciplined and train hard.” Hassin is a talented young man on the road to greatness. And Hassin is not only interested in boxing. He is dedicated and hardworking student who names math as his favorite subject.
CCCS will be keeping an eye on Hassin as he advances and continues to build a legacy. 

CCCS has assisted him every step of the way; sending his school work home and providing virtual learning when he’s out of town.”  

- A. Joseph, mother of Hassin Joseph