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Chester Community Charter School

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Making a Change Group

The Making a Change Group (MACG) is a non-profit organization offering support to local individuals and families who seek to achieve positive change for themselves and their community.  MACG operates in Chester, PA and surrounding areas.  The organization was founded by Cory Long in 2014 after Long identified a need for Black role models within his community and became determined to make a change.  He currently serves as Executive Director of MACG. Long was inspired in his pursuit by his own life experiences:

“I was once a young person who had challenges with bad choices. I was motivated to be a role model and mentor to divert youth from troubled paths.”

MACG uses positive reinforcement which is accomplished through programs focused on: 1) youth mentoring; 2) violence prevention; 3) multi-level support for families striving to achieve financial, educational, vocational, and personal goals. Students participating in these programs are exposed to healthy living habits, social-emotional skill building, career & workforce development, and financial literacy.

In an effort to reach more students, MACG has recently fostered a partnership with Chester Community Charter School (CCCS).  Each week, students meet in mentor-led small groups where they work with GVINE Interventionists and Case Managers to discuss a variety of topics. Students are encouraged to openly express themselves without judgment or punishment. MACG’s goal is to strengthen the bond/relationship between community and education.  Corey Long explains it like this:

“Enhance the students’ academic experience by positively impacting the students’ behavior through social-emotional mentorship.”

Students have so much to look forward to once involved in MACG programs. MACG not only visits the students in an educational setting, but also outside of school with sponsored field trips and by making private counseling accessible to all mentees.  Most mentees are referred to specified programs, but any scholar from age 10 to 24 who is seeking guidance can join MACG. Contact information is listed below: (610) 619-6431