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Chester Community Charter School

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Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Grant! 

For the 5th year in a row, Chester Community Charter School was awarded the highly coveted Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant for our elementary schools!  We were required to apply for each building individually, and we were fortunate enough to receive the grant for all of them. With these monies, students will be able to sample various seasonal fruits and vegetables three days a week for the entirety of the school year.


Some of these samplings are often new to the children and not from the local area, while others are the freshest of what Pennsylvania has to offer. Some examples include a variety of different grapes, cranberries, purple kohlrabi, gooseberries, and Romanesco broccoli.

Smart Partners, a woman-owned company in the heart of Lancaster County, sources all of these delicious foods. In addition to this, they also provide information on each fruit or vegetable for the teachers to review in the classroom. Each month, every building will find a unique way to share how they enjoyed their samples and what they learned about them.

Please visit the CCCS website to see the monthly menu and be sure to ask your children about what new fruit or vegetable they tried today!