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Scholar Spotlight

Humble, respectable, and dedicated are just a few words used to describe the talented eighth-grade boxer, Esaà Abdullah. Known for his athleticism and kind spirit around campus, Esaà’s boxing journey began long before he was even born. Theresa Lewis (Esaà’s mother) describes his early beginnings with Boxing as “having it in his blood.” His hands would always be balled up into fists as a baby in the womb. From the moment he was born, Esaà took an interest in boxing. His family’s legacy in the Boxing world dates back to his grandfather, a legendary mid-weight boxer from Philadelphia, and proceeded on his late uncle, noted trainer, Naazim Richardson. Richardson gained notoriety for training Bernard Hopkins and "Sugar" Shane Mosley, in addition to Steve Cunningham and Karl Dargan. 

Acquiring the nickname Black Lion, for having a warrior spirit similar to Kobe as the Black Mamba, Esaà is carving out his lane in Boxing. He is currently being considered for the 2024 Junior Olympics, one of the oldest and most historic USA Boxing national tournaments that features the nation’s best up-and-coming boxers. When asked to name an important characteristic of great boxers, Esaà responded, “You must remain disciplined and stay in shape. It’s not a multiple-opportunity sport like basketball or football. It’s serious! You get one shot, win or lose. You may not return after a tough loss in the ring.” Esaà’s father describes him as a “student of the game” who loves working out. “We’re in the gym just about every day. I never had to push him; he even motivates me”, states his father, Kareem Abdullah.  

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Looking onward, Esaà plans to follow his passion into bigger arenas to catch up with his favorite fighters Gervontae Davis and Terence Crawford. CCCS will be keeping an eye on Esaà Abdullah as he advances and continues on the road to becoming legendary in his own right.

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