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Chester Community Charter School

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Student Art Exhibition

Featured at West Chester University

CCCS is excited to announce our newest partnership with West Chester University. The first of its kind; student artwork will be displayed at Recitation Hall. Recitation Hall is included in the National Register of Historic Places as a building in the West Chester State College Quadrangle Historical District. The building houses the College of Education and Social Work, classrooms, and offices for Education programs.  Recently, Recitation Hall underwent major renovations. New roofing, an exterior reconstruction, an interior makeover, and updates to the student lounge. The WCU College of Education and Social Work invited their partner schools to provide artwork to display throughout Recitation Hall. The building needed a spark and we, under Dean Williams’ leadership, thought what better way to do that than with K-12 students’ art!”, commented Dr. Ashley Rowe, Director of Professional Education, Certification and Compliance.

K-8 students have worked collaboratively throughout the Fall Semester to curate this unique exhibition. Teachers selected a handful of canvases from our East and Aston campuses to be featured. Our middle schoolers designed a collection of Neurographics paintings, while the elementary students created an assortment of Winter-themed artwork. Melonie Schmitt, Director of Mentoring and guest art teacher, led this creative art project for our elementary students. For our first project, scholars overlapped popsicle sticks to create optical illusions. After overlapping and tracing the popsicle sticks, scholars explored various coloring and drawing techniques to fill the paper with bright colors to bring the artwork to life! Our second project used graph paper to create patterned designs. We looked at traditional Native American artwork to understand how small patterns can create large art pieces. The students colored in the individual blocks of graph paper to create perfectly spaced patterns,” Schmitt recalled. Our students bravely tried difficult patterns and enjoyed various creative approaches to completing their art. “The results were gorgeous,” Schmitt said.

Our existing partnership with WCU provides clinical placements for aspiring teachers and supports their teacher pipeline initiative. According to Desha Williams, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Education and Social Work at WCU, “When we started thinking about who to approach for this project, CCCS was at the top of the list. So, I contacted the Deputy Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer, Stephen Bournés. Without hesitation, he said absolutely and has delivered some beautiful works of art. I am excited to say next week, we are meeting with our university interior designer and one of our premier art professors to discuss the art we have received. During that meeting, we will determine which pieces will beautify our walls.” Art plays a vital role in education, encouraging creativity, developing critical thinking, and practicing self-expression. The Student Artwork Display Partnership with WCU will continue into the Spring. Pieces will be collected from our students at the West and Upland campuses to be included in the next rotation. Showcasing the talents of our scholars of all ages and inspiring others to share their creative gifts. We look forward to seeing the remarkable artwork from our talented junior artists.